Score Your Health During these Difficult Times with Mark MacDonaldGLO Digital Event

Online April 23, 2020

Why Your Health Matters: Strengthening Your Immune System and Mastering Your Food, Fitness, and Health.

Winning with your health has never been more important. But it’s difficult to regain focus on your food and fitness with the added stress of quarantines, financial uncertainty and the real fear of getting sick.

As life evolves, so does your health and during times of change, your health success is determined by how quickly you can evolve. Too many people are abandoning their health plans and gaining the unwanted“quarantine pounds”

Let’s make sure that’s not you, it’s time to get your health dialed back in!

Imagine becoming smarter and more effective with your workouts at home and learning the tools to make quick, delicious and balanced recipes for you and your family.

During our hour of power you’ll develop the necessary skills to master your food and fitness in these chaotic times, plus create a new and improved way of living your best health.

You’ll learn these skills:


  • How to balance your body and hormones
  • How to eliminate sugar cravings
  • How to detox your body and master your meals with Clean and Healthy Food
  • How to ignite your metabolism to burn fat and build muscle
  • How your food is your greatest immune strengthener


  • How to workout smarter and more efficiently wherever you exercise
  • How to optimize calorie burning and muscle toning during work and while at home
  • How to involve your entire family with activity, while still following quarantine and social distancing guidelines


  • How to develop the foundation to make 2020 your best health year ever
  • How to forever shift from “dieting” to clean eating
  • How to focus on 1% daily health progress


  • Mark MacDonald

Date & Time

  • Thursday, April 23rd, 2020
  • 9:00AM - 10:00AM Central


  • Online


Event Speaker

Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald is a world-renowned nutrition and fitness expert, best-selling author, TV personality and entrepreneur. Mark is the founder Venice Nutrition, a nutrition and fitness program based on the science of blood sugar stabilization, which now has over 500 licensed nutrition centers worldwide. He has personally coached over 40,000 clients including celebrities and athletes as well as business executives and busy moms using his cutting edge nutrition, fitness and lifestyle strategies.

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