Determination Wins BIG! with Psyche & Vontoba TerryBusiness Acceleration 2.0

Online May 26, 2022

Tune in on Thursday and hear a story of determination… a wife/husband team who would not give up.

Psyche Terry says she was waving the white flag ready to call it quits.  BUT…she did not.  She continued with one foot in front of the other, determination, support from her husband and today…they are the proud owners of Urban Hydration found in every major retailer around the country!


  • Psyche and Vontoba Terry

Date & Time

  • Thursday, May 26th, 2022
  • 12:00PM - 1:00PM Central


  • Online


Event Speaker

Psyche and Vontoba Terry

The Terry Family is represented on the back label of millions of beauty products sold in tens of thousands of stores across the country. Intentionally, college sweethearts Psyche and Vontoba choose to present their family of 5 as an example of the core that really keeps their business and life running smoothly. When not posing for a new television commercial or being drawn for new product iterations, the Terry's can be found right outside their Texas home playing kickball on a sunny day or at the local pool.

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