Minneapolis Chapter February 2020Build and Lead Your Successful Enterprise with Gary Hoover

Minneapolis, MN February 27, 2020

8 Key Takeaways from Renown Business Builder Gary Hoover

7-9am: Free Event
9-10:30am: Up Close and Personal with Gary Hoover $35

This GLO chapter event is perfect for entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives and small business owners. Whether you’re scaling start-up company or running a multi-million-dollar operation, GLO provides you an innovative perspective and guiding principles to inspire innovation and corporate growth.

Join us to hear Gary share his keys to growing and selling numerous successful companies including Hoovers, Inc., a top provider of online business information, bookshop, the first chain of large book superstores, and the like.

Gary has the unique ability to communicate ideas and inspire innovation. His storytelling skills have been honed by over 2000 speeches across the globe for corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, conventions and students.  He has led innovation and leadership workshops at corporations ranging from Texas Instruments to the hottest internet and technology startups.

Gary’s broad, Drucker-like understanding of timeless business and economic principles is informed by visits to 45 countries and his 57,000-book personal reference library.


  • Minneapolis Chapter
  • Gary Hoover
  • Julie Tanaka

Date & Time

  • Thursday, February 27th, 2020
  • 7:00AM - 9:00AM Central


Event Speaker

Minneapolis Chapter

The Minneapolis GLO Chapter is designed to provide business executives and entrepreneurs access to networking, commerce and capital opportunities. Our monthly meetings will feature respected speakers recognized nationally and internationally. “Lessons in Leadership” and the “Sports of Business” viewing events, quarterly mixers, and business pitch contests round out our annual calendar.

Gary Hoover

Gary Hoover is an American businessperson who founded Bookstop, an American bookstore chain, and The Reference Press, which became Hoover's business information company. He is the entrepreneur-in-residence at the University of Texas at Austin. In 1969, Hoover entered the University of Chicago. There, he earned a bachelor's degree in economics. Four of his teachers, including Milton Friedman, later won Nobel Prizes.

Julie Tanaka

Julie Tanaka is well poised to Chair our new MN GLO chapter. A senior finance executive, Julie is passionate about connecting businesses and capital especially in the context of social impact. As Chair, she will be crafting chapter events and special programming, as well as ensuring each GLO member takes full advantage of all GLO has to offer.

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