How do I find Networking Events near me during COVID?

Covid-19 has changed many of the ways people and businesses do things, and networking is no exception. Finding consistent in-person networking events has become challenging, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. However, this difficultly does not mean your opportunities to network are lost. The changes to networking in today’s environment only shift the focus of how we network to methods that were once more niche. In this article, we will go through some of the best ways to network in today’s world, as well as some good thoughts to keep in mind while expanding your network.

What Do Today’s Networking Events Look Like?

The short answer: probably a Zoom call. The traditionally large networking events have likely either been canceled or moved to an online platform. While you can get some great advice from a guest speaker, talking to the people sitting around you before and after the event is no longer an option. Checking your area to see if any in-person networking events are being hosted can still yield some success. But it is not easy to use these events as a consistent means of networking. Rather than focusing on using events to network, Covid-19 has made it necessary to adapt to a more individualized approach.

The Power of an Inbox

The beauty of in-person networking events was coming together with many like-minded people. Hopefully, we have only temporarily lost this advantage. Since the opportunities are unlikely to come to you, it is time you go to them. Today, many workers find themselves behind a screen which makes networking on a personal level challenging. On the flip side, it gives you a more direct route to connect. If you want to grow your network, it will take more work than before. You need to spend time finding people you want to connect with and build up the relationship, all from your screen.

Today’s Networking Mindset

Go into networking knowing how much the world changed compared to two years ago. Everyone has gone through over a year of withdrawal from consistent human interaction. Humans are social creatures. People miss that interaction. There has never been a better time to network through online platforms. While Covid-19 has created multiple problems for the world, it is also a historical moment relatable to every person alive today. Building connections solely on your experiences with Covid-19 is not recommended, but it gives you a great foot in the door. Reach out to people with the intent to build a relationship. Building a relationship requires a two-way road, so be prepared to give as much as you take in the networking relationships you build.

How Can GLO Help You Build Your Business?

In many ways, GLO gives those in its community a strong launching point for building mutually beneficial networking relationships. GLO simplifies business networking using our platforms and programs as a way to bring our community together. With our ever-growing community, new networking opportunities are waiting for anyone who takes the initiative to expand their network.

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EJ Niemczyk

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