Grow your business smarter and faster with GLO

GLO is designed for CEOs, Presidents, Entrepreneurs and Qualified Investors looking to grow their companies.

Qualified members must meet at least one of the following:
  • A CEO or President with 3 or more employees
  • A CEO or President with annual revenues exceeding $250,000 annually
  • P&L responsibility of at least $1 million
  • An accredited investor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I receive executive coaching as a member?

    We believe business networking is a more powerful source of leadership growth over isolated executive coaching. Peer to peer exchanges will give GLO members a broader, more comprehensive insights for business growth.

  • As a member, how do I find networking events near me?

    GLO membership value is directly tied to fellow members and their ability to network. Events are virtual and in-person. GLO Chapters run networking events. Check here to find a chapter near you.

  • When it comes to GLO members raising capital, where do I start?

    Whether you are raising capital as debt (a loan) or equity (a financial partner) we suggest our members start here.

  • How to Grow Your Business is at the heart of every entrepreneur’s thinking. How can GLO help?

    We have four avenues leading to how to grow your business.

    • Community: The first path is a business networking community of the smartest entrepreneurial minds.
    • Commerce: The second avenue is better than a barter system, it is an path to buy or sell your products or services at an automatic 10% discount.
    • Capital: The third avenue supersedes any venture capital opportunity. Raising capital should not be a confusing journey that is full of landmines and setbacks. GLO members, whether they are startup companies to invest in, or simply needing business capital loans, or equity money for a small business.
    • Content: The fourth path entrepreneurial members Grow Your Business with GLO is through our curation of thought leaders and world-class guest presenters.