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Retail Business Owners Deserve a Community with a Marketplace, Deal Network and Investment Portals

I love retail business. I love the creative entrepreneur who identifies a problem, develops a solution and connects with the customer and sells it! I love the innovative ways that entrepreneurs take products that work in one situation and successfully adapt them for another. That is why my mission has always been to celebrate the retail business owner and their passion to meet the needs of customers – wherever they might be in the world.

Over the years, I have been part of numerous organizations dedicated to entrepreneurship – I have joined as a member, co-founded, and sat on many of their Boards. Through my involvement, I have tried to focus these organizations on meeting the very specific needs of business owners bringing a product to market. Each of them has done a good job in their own way, but they were all missing a key part of the “complete solution.”

That is why I am so excited to be one of the founding Market Leaders of the new Global Leaders Organization or (GLO). GLO provides a new type of community for specific groups of entrepreneurs and provides what they need to develop and scale their businesses through – a searchable member directory, local chapters, discussion boards, and a gamified currency that grants rewards for participation in the community.

But wait there’s more!

With my involvement, GLO will have a special community that focuses specifically on the needs of retail business owners. There is a Marketplace where retail business owners can open new markets. There is a deal network to find partners and distributors. Most importantly, there is an investment portal where retail business owners will be able to raise capital and invest, directly on the platform.

I am a member of GLO, and I look forward to working with the retail business owners who join me.  Don’t miss out on the 30 Day Free Trial.


kevin harrington

Kevin Harrington

As one of the top entrepreneurs of our time, Kevin Harrington has over 40 years of experience disrupting the marketplace and generating phenomenal results. He has launched more than 20 companies that have grown to over a $100 million in revenue each, and his work behind the scenes of legendary business ventures has produced over $5 billion in global sales via the launch over 500 products, while helping make dozens of millionaires along the way.

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