The Optimum Customer Experience

The Optimum Customer Experience

The Ant and the Elephant was written to help people reach big goals in short order. What I didn’t realize was how this book would apply to an extraordinary customer experience. The neuroscience of how people think and reach conclusions allows anyone in sales, marketing or retail to increase their business revenue. For you to create an optimum customer experience, for more of those green-backs, follow these 5Cs:

A customer experience involves a relationship of two people who are clear on where they want to end up. It starts with both sides being clear on their “emotional buzz.” This buzz is an alignment of the ant-like conscious mind and the elephantine subconscious. Based on research by Dr. Lee Pulos, the activity of the conscious mind fires off with 2000 neurons in one second of time, while the subconscious mind dwarfs it with four billion neurons. This ratio of activity is the same ratio between an ant and an elephant. Clarity between customer and provider is achieved then each person’s conscious “Ant” and subconscious “Elephant” are aligned.

The customer experience is not just a moment in time, it is more accurately; a process. So is commitment. It’s common to assume that commitment is a moment where someone says “Yes” or “No.” But commitment is a process of yeses, built upon more yeses.

The optimum customer experience happens with an excellence mindset. In a competitive landscape, companies and providers simply try to win by doing what the competition is not doing. But, the highest performers (people winning the business) “Do what the competition is not willing to do.” What are those high performers not willing to do? Typically, those are the things you’re not willing to do either. NOTE: This is not about working harder! Excellence is best achieved by working smarter. Look at all the ways your customer experience can be optimized in a clever and efficient way.

Confidence is earned through experience, and over time. Blind confidence, otherwise known as faith, happens when the provider or customer assume their needs will be ‘taken care of.’ In either case, without confidence, performance and results are compromised. The bottom line will be directly impacted by how much you dedicate to building confidence.

Routines set-up peak performance. Hence, optimize the customer’s pre-sale routines in the same way you have pre-sale routines.

Be the architect of your customer experience by using these 5Cs. Align with clarity, build on commitment, consistently do what the competition is not willing to do, build confidence and control your routines. Your reward will be your ant and elephant headed in the same direction, PLUS you’ll have customers for life.


Do what the competition is not willing to do. by Vince Poscente from Vince Poscente on Vimeo.

By Vince Poscente, NY Times bestselling author of The Ant and the Elephant



Vince Poscente

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