Travis Chappell’s 5 Key Elements to Grow your Podcast Audience

Growing your podcast’s list of guests is a common strategy to ensure success. Attracting influential guests often results in a growing podcast audience. While it may be a simple idea, the execution proves far more complex. Travis Chappell agrees that guests are a vital step to reaching greater heights. And he recommends all podcasters use these five essential elements when reaching out to potential guests.

Lead with value

More often than not, you are reaching out to the potential guest via a social platform or email. The only methods of proving yourself interesting are the way you send the message and its content. Use each connection as a chance to distinguish yourself. People look for reasons not to read your email, do not give them any. Instead, craft a personable message showing more value than a simple copy and paste.

Give information

Giving information to a potential guest requires control. A lack of information puts you in their trash bin, but too much information essentially gives your guest homework. They have to go out of their way to understand the content of your email better, and not everyone is willing to do it. When introducing yourself, be concise. Give enough information to establish yourself and then link your name or podcast to a place where they can learn more about either if they feel inclined.

Offer credibility

Establishing yourself as credible takes the most significant priority in your cold contact. Chappell advises every connection to be short and to the point. However, offering credibility is exempt from this rule. You need to prove their time will not be wasted. A good starting point is to reference any previous guests you believe add to your credibility. If you can find their network, look for any overlap and highlight the connections you share. Have enough credibility within the email, so they do not have to research you outside the email.

Meaningful Request

You do not want to give the impression of an underlying request after the guest agrees to your first. Vague language is your enemy. Make your request clear and have a call-to-action along with it. The request should be the one sentence you keep rewriting. When it comes to the call-to-action, give them something like a calendar link for guests. The easier you make their life, the more likely you will receive a favorable response.

Thanks in Advance

Thanking someone in the cold contact has some psychology behind it. When you thank someone in advance for an action they have not yet done, it opens a loop in their minds—humans like to close loops at a subconscious level. We have a stronger urge to complete something if we have already been thanked for it. Opening the loop will not drastically change the number of responses you get. But you should certainly take every bit of help you can. Consistently using these five essential elements when reaching out to a potential guest can lead to a much larger guest pool in the long run.

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