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Welcome to GLO—a new, virtual business community that helps you grow your business, make connections, exchange ideas, and raise capital—with support from key market leaders. Qualified business owners have the opportunity to join GLO and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant community of like-minded leaders who actively engage in supporting—and growing—their business.

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Our Core Values

  • Connect with like-minded leaders in the GLO Community via a dynamic digital platform, and enjoy face-to-face interaction with local chapters.
  • Market your business to pre-qualified customers in the GLO marketplace, and watch your sales soar!
  • Enjoy easier access to working or growth capital, credit, and investment opportunities through GLO investment portals. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing capital is available when you need it to fund your business dream.
  • GLO knows how important good leadership is in business cultures. GLO’s Market Leaders are experts in their fields who offer ongoing learning opportunities through the GLO portal, as well as in live events where they participate and engage in-person with GLO members. Lead the way with GLO!

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Do Business Easier with Community, Commerce and Capital

GLO’s powerful global community provides access to Market Leaders, local chapters, engaging events, growth capital, and like-minded members worldwide.

With GLO, you’re never alone. With just a click, you’re connected to GLO’s amazing array of benefits and the business leaders who are ready to join with you. GLO’s global reach extends all the way to networking in local chapters, where in-person opportunities for connections include an exciting lineup of live events that can be attended in-person or participated in virtually at Microsoft stores everywhere!

Our Market Leaders are dedicated to sharing with you the fruits of their highly successful careers, including all the ways that joining GLO has helped their businesses continue to thrive. Meet them in-person at The GLO Lessons in Leadership Tour™ in partnership with Microsoft, a monthly event series featuring insightful lessons and strategies from our Market Leaders. Members of GLO can also stream these events online through the GLO portal.

GLO members get exclusive access to an investment portal called The Deal Network© to help find and secure the capital needed to grow.

Credit, investment, working capital, and growth capital—as an active member of GLO you will have increased access to the capital you need, thereby increasing your odds of success! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing capital is available when you need it to fund your business dream and deal with the day-to-day realities that come with any thriving business.

GLO members get exclusive access to an investment portal called The Deal Network© to help find and secure the capital needed to grow. Through The Deal Network© in each community, you can introduce your story to millions of potential investors. Our GLO members are self-starting entrepreneurs who do more than talk—they make business happen every day. So with GLO you know that your networking will provide the solid opportunities for raising capital that you need.

GLO makes business magic happen by facilitating the flow of commerce through the Marketplace, empowering members to do business with one another.

GLO makes business magic happen by facilitating the flow of commerce through the Marketplace. In short, the Marketplace empowers members to do business with one another. With GLO’s Marketplace, you can market your business to fellow leaders who share your commitment to hustle and to succeed. GLO isn’t only a way to get connected with like-minded business leaders, it’s a money-making mechanism.

At GLO we encourage building commerce both with fellow members and with your community. Tap into your local network, too, for expertise to grow your business easier and faster. You’ll build your local connections when you leverage the power of GLO to meet and create synergy in your own home city. Imagine being able to help your fellow entrepreneurs and business owners by offering your own products and services to create win-win results!

The GLO Leadership Team: Leading the Way

GLO’s founders created GLO to provide all of the valuable opportunities and resources for today’s business owner that they themselves have used to succeed. They’ve leveraged their decades of business experience to design every aspect of the community with you in mind to help your company achieve its highest potential.

Michelle Poscente

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Barisonzi

Joseph Barisonzi

Executive Vice President

Shane Hartman

Chief Technology Officer

Ford Saeks

Chief Marketing Officer

Paige White

VP Digital Marketing

Jay Fairbrother

Executive VP of GLO Chapters
Pittsburgh Chapter Chair

Vince Poscente

Principal Partner

A Message from GLO’s Founders:

Lead and Learn with Excellence and Empathy

Founder and CEO Michelle Poscente is a connector who leads and works from the heart. Her passion and formidable business acumen have proven to be a winning combination. However, she also knows how challenging it can be to start a business with no business school training and no family connections. Michelle knows how vital it is to persevere and innovate. Her experiences equip her to be empathetic to the needs of her peers. With the help of her inspirational leadership partners, she leveraged her deep business experience to launch GLO so business owners can have easy access to all the tools she used to succeed.

GLO connects you with the network and resources to allow your innovative business to meet any challenge. From opening new markets to finding the right partner—or even a new investor, GLO is your personal business community. With GLO, you can make connections beyond traditional boundaries, share and secure indispensable expertise from our Market Leaders and members, and enjoy incredible community—all while marketing your business and raising capital.

At GLO we care about not only the success of your business, but also about your own growth and development as a business leader. Excellence involves being a well-rounded professional as well as a leader who embraces ongoing learning and sharing what you learn with others. At GLO, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for you to learn, shine, and share with our community. We’re excited for your future and look forward to supporting your dreams. Join GLO today, and watch your business GROW!

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