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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I join GLO if I’m raising capital?
    YES. We will help you every step of the way. We have helped people interested in how to invest in start-ups, how to invest in business, and how to raise capital (debt or equity).
  • How does joining GLO simplify business networking?
    The life-blood of GLO comes from our Chapter Chairs. Think of your Chapter Chair as a resource better than business coaching. Your Chapter Chair is a facilitator to grow your business.
  • What leadership skills can I gain from GLO?
    FROM how to write a speech? TO What makes a good CEO? TO How to grow your business and everything in-between covers the range of leadership development advantages of joining GLO. The more you are involved in GLO, the more you will grow as a leader.
  • What forms of business networking comes from joining GLO?
    There is no One-Way to network in business. We host digital events for you to network with the smartest business minds on the planet. We have small business network events as part of GLO Chapter Events. We have countless ways you can search and find entrepreneurial peers who will grow with you.