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Welcome to GLO—a new, virtual business community that helps you grow your business, make connections, exchange ideas, and raise capital—with support from key market leaders.

Qualified business owners have the opportunity to join GLO and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant community of like-minded leaders who actively engage in supporting, and growing, your business.

GLO Means Grow A Global Community Marketplace

Local Chapters

Connect Close to Home

GLO’s global reach extends all the way to local networking. Having in-person opportunities for connections builds relationship, support, and a community full of opportunities. Reach out to GLO today to find out more about how you can experience face-to-face synergy in your local chapter.

Online Community

Connect Around the World

With GLO, you’re never alone. GLO’s powerful virtual community provides connection and access to like-minded leaders worldwide. With just a click, you’re connected to GLO’s amazing array of benefits and other innovative business leaders ready to help you succeed.

Market Leaders

Learn from the Best

GLO knows how important continuous learning and community are for the dedicated entrepreneur. Members enjoy access to a variety of GLO communities focused on different industries, demographics, and influence. GLO’s Market Leaders are acclaimed experts in their fields who offer ongoing learning opportunities through the GLO portal, as well as in live events where they participate and engage in-person with GLO members.


Enjoy Exclusive Access to Experts

GLO offers an exciting lineup of live events that can be attended in-person or participated in virtually at Microsoft stores everywhere! The Microsoft Lessons in Leadership Tour™ in partnership with GLO is a monthly event series featuring our Market Leaders who are eager to share with you the wealth of wisdom they’ve learned through their phenomenal world-class business success. Members of GLO can also stream these events online through the GLO portal.

The Deal Network

Find the Capital Your Dream Needs

Savvy investors are ready to make a deal with you through the exclusive GLO member investment portal named The Deal Network©. With GLO’s reach, your company has access to potential investors and increased capital for your business through The Deal Network©. Join GLO today and connect with your next team of investors!

The GLO Marketplace

Do Business Easier and Faster

GLO offers instant exposure for your business marketing needs through the GLO Marketplace. Members enjoy the opportunity to immediately do business with other like-minded business leaders with this turn-key marketing portal. Join GLO today and watch your business grow!

“GLO is such an amazing organization! It’s filled with incredible thought leaders who so generously share their wisdom.”

Jeff Crilley

Emmy Award Winning Reporter

“I love great deals. In fact, I’ve spent a lifetime in business focused on making great deals. My curiosity has led me to some great offers, and I’m glad I took advantage of them.”

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark and Founder of GLO

“GLO’s community of entrepreneurs helps me stay current on trends and insights on growing my Business.”

Steve Sims

CEO & Founder, Wichita Fixit

“We hired Lauren Blair to do a marketing consulting project for our company and we liked it so much we hired him to do a second one specifically on franchise sales. The bottom line is that I liked him so much as a speaker that we became a client, twice!”

Amy Smith

CEO & Founder, Murphy Business & Financial

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